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Captain Luther Mesnard, the Memoir of a True Patriot

Links to Pages of Captain Luther Mesnard's Memoir written in 1901

Captain Mesnard Begins his Assignment to Co. B, 25th OVI
Mesnard's Company:
Captain Mesnard's new Company Stands Tall
Heated Battle at Honey Hill, S.C. Begins
Honey Hill Battle:
Honey Hill Battle Concludes with Sizable Losses
The Buckeye Regiment meets up with Sherman's March
25th Ohio is first to arrive at Charleston, S.C.
25th Ohio Moves Northward through Plantation Country
News Arrives:
1865 - 1866: 25th OVI Assigned Reconstruction/Provost Duty in S.C.

Captain Luther Mesnard's Memoir has been provided, courtesty of the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center, in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.